Beresford PTA

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PTa  upcoming events

Beresford Online Auction April 21-28:

Fundraiser at Jacks Wednesday, April 28th:



Beresford PTA Mission Statement - 

Community, Communication, Enrichment

The Beresford PTA is committed to supporting Beresford Elementary School by building community, increasing communication, and providing educationally enriching opportunities for our students. 

The PTA raises funds for Beresford to support school community events such as our annual dance party and supports our kids' education through subsidizing field trips, funding of our art program and our academic support aid. 

Please visit our newly launched website - Beresford PTA

PTA Board

Beresford's PTA Executive Board of 2020-2021:  

  • President-Meredith Nassihi
  • Vice President-Vacant
  • Secretary-Kelly Rancatore
  • Financial Secretary-Kathy DeLeon
  • Treasurer-Vera Dinov Zivanovic
  • Parliamentarian*-Beth Keefer
  • Communication Chair-Joelle Yee
  • Membership Chair-Lisa Larsen
  • Hospitality Chair-Vacant
  • Room Parent Coordinator-Sara Winter
  • Historian-Sue-Ellen Atkinson
  • Auditor-Alli Ross
  • Teacher Parent Liaison-Lauren Bottani
  • Fundraising Chairs
  • See's Candy - Vacant
  • Auction - Beth Keefer & Joelle Yee
  • Fun Run - Vacant
  • ELAC Outreach Representative-Vacant

 *Parliamentarian is an appointed, not elected position.

 If interested in a vacant position or volunteering on a committee please email Kelly Rancatore.