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Distance Learning Technology

Technology Support

Live Technology Help

If you need help with minor tech problems (Google Classroom, Google Meet, Google tools) please fill out the technology support- student helpers form and a  High School student (who we are partnering with this year) will call you back with support in English or Spanish.

If you need help with major tech problems (wireless connectivity, damaged device) please fill out the student/family tech help request form and a technician from the SMFC district technology department will call you back with support in English or Spanish.  

Device Distribution

2019-2020 our district provided 3,400 chromebooks and 1000 hotspots.  Currently the district has 1650 Chromebooks ready for distribution and another order for 1400 has been ordered. There is a global demand for Chromebooks which increases cost and delays acquisition.  The District will prioritize distribution of Chromebooks and  vulnerable students will be prioritized first.  Parents that are able, are encouraged to provide a chromebook for their child

The district suggests the following considerations:

  • A device with a webcam and microphone, preferably some type of laptop where they are built-in, but not necessarily.  Desktops with that equipment will suffice.
  • Memory: Chromebooks should have a minimum 4 gigabytes of RAM, while a Windows device or Mac would require 8 or more.
    Caution: Be cautious of Chromebook equipment and its expiration date and ask sellers to confirm dates. Seek out Chromebooks that expire in 2024 or later. Reference Auto Update policy - Google Chrome Enterprise Help.
    Tablets: From our experience with a wide variety of tablets during Distance Learning last spring, we have learned that while they may work, they are not a preferred device.