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Facilities Master Plan

Facilities Master Plan

SMFCSD's Facilities Master Plan for the New Decade and what it will mean for Beresford School

 Last year, the District embarked on the development of a Facilities Master Plan for the New Decade which was adopted by the Board of Trustees on July 30, 2020.   The adoption of the FMP came after months of input from staff and parents at our school and each school in the District during the first half of 2020 and the District's finalization of the Plan before presentation to the Board of Trustees. Not only was each school community asked to identify facility needs, each school's School Facilities Team, comprised of staff and parent leaders, was encouraged to provide its recommendations of all of the facilities needs to be included in the FMP for the New Decade and its recommended priorities to be addressed as Immediate Priorities in the FMP.  

The Immediate Priorities for Beresford School address many of our needs and priorities as well as those identified Districtwide in the months after Shelter-in-Place began.  The Immediate Priorities identified for all schools are 1)to provide improved safe and healthy environments needed as a result of what we've learned from the current COVID-19 crisis as well as the increasing number of wildfires and 2) to address needs that are specific to our school and possibly other sites.  

The Immediate Priorities for Beresford for which the Board of Trustees is seeking funding include:

  • improving air filtration throughout our campus and adding/repairing any HVAC systems
  • adding water bottle fillers and handwashing stations throughout the campus
  • adding hot water to sinks throughout our campus
  • replacing carpeting in classrooms for health reasons with the installation of vinyl
  • flooring including acoustical panels where needed to support effective teaching and learning
  • modernizing our student and adult restrooms with new fixtures, flooring and other finishes
  • increasing the number of Chromebooks so that Beresford and all schools have enough Chromebooks for each student to have one
  • improving landscaping and irrigation including the addition of a small turf area
    making plumbing and electrical repairs/upgrades
  • installation of a solar system to work toward net-zero energy (NZE) usage  and reduce the annual expenses for utilities

The Facilities Master Plan for the New Decade includes other facilities needs after these Immediate Priorities are addressed.  For the full Plan and the Summary Section for Beresford School, please click on the links below.  

Summary of Immediate Priorities

Beresford School Section of the FMP

Facilities Master Plan for the New Decade