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Love for reading

Love for reading

Beresford Bears love to read

Beresford Garden

Beresford Garden

If you want a child's mind to must first plant a seed.



Developing Healthy
Citizens at Beresford

Developing Healthy<br />Citizens at Beresford

At Beresford, we teach to the whole child, balancing the need to excel academically with a child’s need to develop into healthy citizens.  Learn more about Beresford's academic progress.

Developing Healthy

Developing Healthy<br />Citizens

At Beresford, we teach to the whole child, balancing the need to excel academically with a child’s need to develop into healthy citizens.  Learn more about Beresford's academic progress.



Beresford is a school focused on HET (Highly Effective Teaching). A major component of this philosophy is teaching LIFESKILLS. They provide a safe environment for creating and maintaining a sense of community.  Read more about LIFESKILLS

Hybrid Learning Resources- Tab link (click)


Upcoming Beresford Events


Monday, June 14th 1:30-2:30pm- On-campus 5th grade Promotion Ceremony (front gate)

Monday, June 14th 7:30-8:30pm- Spanish-only Cal Fresh and Medical Info Meeting- click here for flier

Tuesday, June 15th- Last day of school for all students



Report Absences 

Please report all student absences at 650-312-7546 before 9:00 am

Leave a message  with:

Your Name
Student First & Last Name 
Reason for Absence
A telephone number for contact

  • If you are unable to login during class time due to technology issues please call the office 650-312-7551 to report the issue
  • Any doctors appointment will require a doctors note to be turned into the office administrators , please call to notify  


Distance Learning Attendance Policy


Attendance will be taken for all students starting the first day of school. Attendance is a state requirement during Distance Learning.  Students are expected to participate with their classroom teacher everyday.  Absent robo call will go out to families by 10am. Specific schedules will be shared by your teacher in your welcome letter and in Google Classroom.

After 3 absences or lack of student participation, the school/district will contact families to see how we can support your child to attend and participate in Distance Learning. 

Please communicate with your classroom teacher or principal if you have further questions.

distance Learning  Technology help 

Please click link below if you are having technology issues i.e. Camera, Speaker, Wifi, etc.

District Tech Support for Families

Soporte Técnico para Familias



parent portal

The parent portal is vital for us to have the most updated information so the school and district can communicate with you via email, text and phone calls. All families must update the parent portal even if you are a returning family. 

Student remains in Distance Learning Model 
Student begins Paired-Days Hybrid Learning Model 
For more information, see the Reopening Plan for SMFCSD

Please click the link above to log in to the Parent Portal

For the latest update from the SMFCSD please click this link 


Beresford is a really great place because ...

  • We have a friendly, dedicated staff that works passionately to develop the whole child: academically, socially, and emotionally
  • Beresford is a safe environment with a small and diverse student population
  • Families and staff team up to create a supportive community
  • It’s a small school in a large district
  • It’s a supportive, diverse, loving community
  • The teachers are invested in knowing all students and in participating in their growth
  • We know each student and their abilities.
  • We use PBIS
  • We hold high standards for all our kids.
  • We are the hidden gem of SMFC
  • We offer rigorous, differentiated instruction while offering the social-emotional development and community that small schools have to offer


How Do I Get Involved?

 Beresford PTA

Please visit Beresford PTA's newly launched website

Beresford's Family Literacy Night Video