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Kindergarten - Mrs. Ali Fried & Mrs. Lauren Bottani

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Mrs. Ali Fried

I was born and raised in the San Mateo – Foster City school district and I have been teaching in this School District for 20 years.  I taught at North Shoreview Montessori for the first 10 years, then came to Beresford.  I absolutely love teaching at Beresford.  I have an 18  year daughter who is attending  Chapman University as a Freshman. I also have a 15  year old son who is a  Sophomore at HHS,  Both of my children are alumni of Beresford.  I have been happily married to my high school sweet heart for 23 years.  Some of my favorite past-times are scrapbooking, hiking, working out and hanging out with my kids!


 Mrs.  Lauren Bottani

This is my 10th year teaching at Beresford Elementary school.  I am currently teaching Kindergarten , but have have been very fortunate to be able to teach both 1st and 2nd grade as well!
I began my college career as a math major but later went on to earn a Bachelors of Science in Human Development with a minor in Education, as well as my Multiple Subject Credential and Masters in Education, all at UC Davis.  While I love all curriculum areas, my favorite subject is math.  Most children who enter my class  leave with math being the favorite subject!!  I believe that learning should be fun, engaging, and accessible to all students.  I attended school in this very district and have loved giving back to the community in which I grew up!

I live in San Mateo with my husband, son, daughter, and dog TJ.  When not at school I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  


Mrs. Fried will be teaching on most Mondays and Mrs. Bottani will be teaching the rest of the week.  Please feel free to email us with any questions.


Wish List of Books:

Monsters Mind your Manners

Table Manners

Desert Baths

My First Day

At this very moment

Tell me why elephants have trunks

Will I have a friend?

Bark, George

Splendid Friend, Indeed

It’s Time for School Stinky Face



Feel free to visit our donorschoose.org site as well to make a donation to our classroom projects!  



What we're  learning:


Who writes books : authors
Who illustrates books: illustrators
What’s an illustration: a picture
Who writes Poems: Poets
What are rhyming words; words that sound the same
What are syllables: Units of Sounds in a word (ask them to clap kin-der-gar-ten)
What is this: . (a period) what is it for? “to stop..take a breath”
Which page do we begin reading on? The left
Where do we start writing on a page? The top/ left side 
They each should know their very own “beginning sound” (ask them!)
Ask them: the three sounds an “o” makes
What sound does “t” make?
What sound does “m” make?

We are doing a lot of “turn and talk” with partners…..reflecting on topics we have discussed. This is good collaboration work with our classmates. Ask them: " who is your partner?"

We are writing all of our classmates names and drawing detailed pictures for them when they are the King or Queen of the day! Everyone will have a turn. Make sure to read the wonderful books they are bringing home; especially made for your child.


Ask them:
What does a pattern look like?
What is sorting? How do we do that in class with the bears and other items?
When we have a group of 10 (we call this a “whoo hoo”) and we add 1 more..what do we have?

What is counting collections?

At Beresford, we are counting! Counting Collections is becoming a regular practice in many of our classrooms!

Why is counting important? Counting provides the foundation for understanding numbers and for computation skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).

 Counting teaches children:

 the names of numbers

 the sequence of numbers                                                                                        

 one-to-one correspondence

relative size

efficient and accurate counting strategies

 It’s easier to keep track of groups of ten, than to count 170 single objects!

skip counting (5-10-15-20 )

how to count on from a number (129, 130, 131 )

how to count groups of objects

how to represent or record what they’ve counted


What should children count?

 Everything!! Buttons, rocks, candy, seeds, hair clips, toys, books, pencils, crayons, blocks, flowers on the wallpaper, etc.

Older kids can count unopened boxes of items. Paperclips come in boxes of 100. If I have 15 boxes plus 26 loose paperclips, how many do I have?

How can you help at home?

·         Count out objects out loud together

·         Provide objects to count: cereal, macaroni, sunflower seeds, pennies

·         Look for opportunities to count. Examples: Count while picking up Legos or toys. Count the number of tiles on the floor while waiting for an appointment. Count items in the grocery cart. Count items in the kitchen. Count the books on the bookshelf or toys in the toy box.

                                                 Have fun with it!!!

Days of the week (ask them to sing the song)
Months of the year (ask them to sing the song)
Ask them: "How many months in a year?"

And of course, ask them: How to be an active listener and learner. See if they can tell you what three things makes a student an active listener 

Thank you, as always, for your support!


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Mrs. ali Fried &                      MRs. Lauren Bottani


afried@smfcsd.net    lbottani@smfcsd.net

 Our Daily Schedule:

8:20 morning phonics work

8:45 Calendar/Agenda/Question of the  Day

9:00  Phonics/Readers Workshop

9:40 PE/Reading

10:40 K-Pals

11:00  Snack/Recess

11:30 Writer’s Workshop

12:00  Math

12:30 Independent reading

12:45  Pack up

12:55  Read Aloud

1:05   Dismissal: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri

12:40 Dismissal: Wednesday


Weekly Activities:

Monday: Library
Wednesday: Art
Thursday:  Music
Friday:  Computer Lab

*Book Bags due back every Friday*




September 25-29-Book Fair

September 27-Science/Family Night

October 9-22-Fall Break

October 27-Arata Farms Field Trip

October 31-Fall Faire/Early Dismissal @12:40pm

November 6-9-Parent Conferences-Early Dismissal all Week @ 12:40pm

November 10- No School-Veteran's Day Holiday

December 22-Jan.8-No School/Winter Break

January15-No School-Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday

February 7-LIFESKILLS Day #2

February 9- Walking Field Trip to Post Office

February 19-No School-Presidents' Day Holiday

February 26-March2-Literacy Week

March 16- San Jose Discovery Museum Field Trip

March 28-Fun Run

March 30-Minimum Day Early Dismissal @ 12:40pm

April 2-15-No School-Spring Break

March 28- April 8-Spring Break

May 9-Founder's Day/Talent Show

May 17- Elkus Ranch Field Trip

May 23-Art Show

May 28-No School-Memorial Day Holiday

May 29-June 1-Student Led Conferences-Minimum Day Release all Week @ 12:40pm

June 8-Dance Party

June 21- Last Day of School-Minimum Day Early Dismissal @12:40pm

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