4th Grade - Mrs. Cindy BuenaVista

4th Grade - Mrs. Cindy BuenaVista

Together we succeed!

"The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side."
-Margaret Carty

"No man is an island, entire of itself." —John Donne (and Mr. Browne's January Precept from Wonder by RJ Palacios)

Our Monthly Newsletter: December/January

Reading tip: Have your students retell 


Winter brings  lots of exciting projects and adventures to Room  12! In reading, we will be continuing  Unit  Three/ beginning Unit Four in Benchmark Advanced, studying Point of View , learning  techniques for summarizing a text, and diving into our science standards for the first time, exploring the life sciences.  In Math, we are working on multi-digit multiplication and long division! Finally,  Social Studies is missions, missions, missions! We are learning about the mission system, it's impact on the Native American populations in Alta California, and how the mission period gave way to the Rancho period and Mexican rule. 

Class News to Know...

  •  The mission supplies we collected for our mission projects are about to see some use! We will begin building our missions IN CLASS, on Monday,  December 11 th. If you have not brought in any supplies for your child's mission, or would like to donate supplies to help our amazing  4th graders complete this project, there is still time. 
  • Your students are also creating mission reports IN CLASS  to show how much they have learned.  Paragraphs that are not completed in class can/will come home for homework in  the remaining weeks before Winter Break. 
  • Your students will also be completing a Secret Santa kindness project IN CLASS for a fellow student. Your students might need to complete some of the writing at home, but I can not stress enough that this is an in-class project.  Please, do not buy any gifts for your child's secret santa. They will be focusing on finding kind, supportive, and thoughtful things to write about someone that they may or may not know well in class. Talk to your student about who they randomly chose and help them think of kind things to say. 

Enjoy your Winter Break! 

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All About Mrs. BuenaVista

Welcome to room 12! I am excited to be your child's fourth grade teacher and look forward to the adventures we have together in class everyday.  This is my third year at Beresford, rounding out my total of ten years of teaching  experience around the Bay Area. I have my BA. in Liberal Arts and in 2013,  I earned my National Board Certification in Literacy Instruction through the Stanford National Board Resource Center. I am inspired by all things learning and hope to continue learning along side your students. 

In addition to teaching fourth grade, I am the testing coordinator for our school sight, site liaison for district professional development courses, a full time tutor, and a mom of two lovely and energetic children. I am not afraid of a challenge!

I grew up and went to school in San Mateo County and consider myself a peninsula native. I love all things reading, science, math word problems (no...really!), and have been to more living history museums than I can count. I have also dabbled in the theater arts and love the movies. You can often find me hanging out in a Starbucks, correcting papers and enjoying the true passion of my life...coffee!

We are going to have a productive, thought-provoking, and exciting year!

4th Grade - Mrs. Cindy BuenaVista

Cindy  BuenaVista

312-7551 ext. 4163


 3 year old birthday celebration with cake

Coming Soon

  • October 31-Fall Faire/Early Dismissal @12:40pm
  • November 6-9-Parent Conferences-Early Dismissal all Week @ 12:40pm
  • November 10- No School-Veteran's Day Holiday
  • November 21- Mission San Jose Field trip
  • November 22-24- No School- Thanksgiving 
  • November 30- Report cards go home
  • December 15- Fingerprinting due for SOS chaperones
  • December 22-Jan.8-No School/Winter Break
  • January15-No School-Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday
  • February 7-LIFESKILLS Day #2
  • February 19-No School-Presidents' Day Holiday
  • February 26-March2-Literacy Week
  • March 8-9- SOS overnight field trip
  • March 16- Report Cards go home
  • March 28-Fun Run
  • March 30-Minimum Day Early Dismissal @ 12:40pm
  • April 2-15-No School-Spring Break
  • April 20- Gold Rush Day
  • May 1-11 Proposed CAASPP testing window (subject to change)
  • May 9-Founder's Day/Talent Show
  •  May 23-Art Show
  • May 28-No School-Memorial Day Holiday
  • May 29-June 1-Student Led Conferences-Minimum Day Release all Week @ 12:40pm
  • June 8-Dance Party
  • June 21- Last Day of School-Minimum Day Early Dismissal @12:40pm

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Homework Policy:

Students are expected to complete homework each night and 30 minutes of reading. Most nights students will have a math worksheet and a short reading or writing assignment.  If a student has a significant amount of class work to finish, this may also become homework.

Please remember to have students fill out their reading logs and please sign the homework log. Occasionally there will be a long-term project such as a book report.