4th/5th Grade - Mrs. Julee Flores

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Welcome to Room 11

My name is Mrs. Julee Flores and I am teaching 4th/5th grade combination class this year.  

A little about me...

I was born and raised in San Mateo.  I went to St. Gregory's Elementary School, Hillsdale High School (Go Knights!) and California State University, Chico where I received my BA in Liberal Studies.  I then took a 6 month break to study abroad in Florence, Italy.  When I got back I started working at a private school in Belmont and got my teaching credential at Notre Dame de Namur University.  I've been at Beresford School for the past 15 years and it really is a great place! I have loved my time here at Beresford and I have had the opportunity of being involved in many different types of professional development that I have brought back into the classroom to enhance the learning experiences of all of my students.  I have an 11 year old daughter who keeps me busy and I am involved in a lot of different activities and groups that helps take up my time!

A little about Room 11...

We are going to be learning so much this year! Listed below are the themes for 5th grade in both Science and Social Studies:

Science Themes

Physical Science- Mixtures & Solutions
Life Science- Living Systems
Earth Science- Water Planet
Scientific Investigation
Scientific Process

Social Studies Themes

Geography- Geography Terms, States and Capitals
Native Americans- US Regions
Exploration- World Colonies
Government- American Revolution, Constitution, Branches of Government
Frontier- Westward Expansion, Lewis & Clark
Changes- Immigration/Civil Rights

Homework Policy

We are changing our Homework Policy this year!  We expect that each child will read nightly for 30 minutes and doing some type of BEAR response.  We will also be assigning one page of Math homework to reinforce concepts learned in class.  It is important to note that unfinished classwork will become homework if it is not finished in class.



4th/5th Grade - Mrs. Julee Flores

Julee M. Flores