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1st Grade - Mrs. Lauren LelieuR

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 Welcome to First Grade!

This is my fourth year as a Beresford Bear but my eleventh year teaching. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies and a Master of Science degree in Educational Psychology. At Beresford, I am a member of the HET team, PBIS team, and School Site Council. 

I grew up in the Washington D.C. area, where I taught first grade, second grade, and third grade. My family moved to the Bay Area in the summer of 2013 to be closer to family.  

I live in San Mateo with my husband Chris and daughter Molly.  When I'm not teaching I spend time traveling, cheering for the Washington Nationals and Washington Redskins, rocking out to classic rock music,  running after Molly and spending time with family and friends. 


*Please sign up for a parent-teacher conference in November. If none of the available times work please let me know. 

* Please make sure that students bring a water bottle to school every day. 

*  Please make sure to attend the Monday morning announcements in the LGI.

* When students return their "take home book bag" to school they may choose a new book to bring home to read.

*Music is on Thursdays. We have music with Mrs. Goity.

* Library is on Fridays! Students may not check out a new book until the previous book has been returned. 

What we are learning:

*We watched a video series about how students can develop a growth mindset! Watch it at: www.classdojo.com/BigIdeas, and ask your child these questions: 

1. What was the biggest challenge you faced today?

2. How does it feel when you make a mistake?

3. What is one challenge you've faced that has helped grow your brain?

4. What could you say instead of "I can't do this"?


*We are working on Benchmark Unit 1: Being a Good Community Member. The essential question for this unit is: Why do people get involved in their communities?

Ask your child what sound the short a makes? ( /æ/ like apple, cat, hat, etc.)

*Ask your child what a common noun is. (a person, place or thing)

*Ask your child what a proper noun is (a specific person, place or thing, ex: Beresford School, Disneyland, Mrs. Lelieur)

As you read with your child:

* Ask your child how they can tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction books.

* Ask your child what is the job of the author (writes the words) and illustrators(draws and colors the pictures).

*Ask your child to make a prediction (a good guess) while they are reading.

*Ask your child to ask questions while they are reading. 

*Ask your child to identify characters, setting, problem and solution while reading.


Unit 1 Home-School Connection

Unit 2 Home-School Connection


1st Grade - Mrs. Lauren Lelieur

Mrs. Lelieur



Upcoming Events:

Book Fair- September 25th-29th

Science Night- September 27th

Soul Shoppe at PTA Meeting- October 3rd

Walk to School Day- October 4th 

Fall Break- October 6th-20th

Fall Faire- October 31th  Minimum Day! 

Parent-Teacher Conferences- November 6-9th Minimum Days all week!

Veterans Day Holiday- November 10th

International Feast- November 15th 

Thanksgiving Holiday- November 22-24

Report cards go home- November 30th

PTA Meeting- December 5th 

Winter Break- December 22nd- January 8th 

MLK Day Holiday- January 15th 

PTA Meeting- January 16th 

Inspire Your Heart with Art- January 26th 

LIFESKILLS Day- February 7th 

Sweetheart Dance- February 9th 

Presidents Day Holiday- February 19th 

Literacy Week- February 26th- March 2nd 

PTA Meeting- March 6th 

Professional Development Day No School- March 12th 

Report cards go home- March 23rd 

Fun Run- March 28th 

Minimum Day- March 30th 

Spring Break- April 2nd-13th 

Founder's Day/Talent Show- May 9th 

Art Show- May 23rd

Memorial Day Holiday- May 28th 

Student-Led Conferences- May 29th- June 1st Minimum Days all week!

PTA Meeting- June 5th 

Dance Party- June 8th

Volunteer Tea- June 13th 

Last Day of School- June 21st Minimum Day!

 Important Information:

First Grade Information

Homework Policy:

First graders are expected to read for a minimum of 15 minutes every night in addition to the weekly homework packet. 


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