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Student Resources

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Beresford students have exclusive access to a web site to help accelerate their learning in math. The students are familiar with this websites from their work in the Computer Lab or on the Chromebooks and we encourage you to continue this learning at home.

IXL (Grades 2-5 only)

This website allows students to have a place where they can practice an unlimited number of math practice questions that are aligned to the math standards. It is a great review of the lessons being taught in the classroom and what’s even better is the program provides you with an explanation of the correct answer if your child answers incorrectly.

To log on you will need your child's login and password. Your child's teacher sent this information home, but call or email her if you need another copy.

Go to www.ixl.com and enter your child’s login and password. Then select the grade and then the topic that you want your child to practice. Once the program has decided your child has answered enough questions correctly, your child will be given a medal for that specific skill. This will show both you and the teacher that the child has a good understanding of the skill.


Student Resources


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