Principal's Weekly Letter

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March 26, 2020

Dear Beresford Families,                                                                           

Let me begin by saying how much we miss all of our 281 students!  The Beresford community of students, parents, guardians, educators, and all other stakeholders have quickly risen to the occasion!  Thank you to all our staff members for quickly shifting our teaching to online and learning packets. I am so impressed with the hard work, love and dedication to the students the teachers have displayed these two weeks. We would like to thank everyone for your kindness, patience and support. We would also like to thank our community members and to our families who are our health professionals, truck drivers, grocery store employees, first responders and all other essential operations personnel. 

The next month will not be easy. As you heard yesterday, school will remain closed until May 1, 2020. As we move in more of a Distant Learning model, there will be mistakes, problems, and concerns along the way. However, there will be more successes, happiness, hope, laughter, fun, and purpose! We understand many of you are still working and have several children to help, financial concerns, health issues, etc.  We are here to patiently support our students and you throughout this challenging time. Please do not stress over the school work via distance learning or printed packets. Frustrations are high due to our circumstances and we don’t want to increase the stress on our families. We are going to do our best to provide schoolwork to keep our students' minds moving forward. But you are the parents and they are with you, so you have control to adjust as needed for your child/children.  Again, contact your teacher via email or request a time during their office hours via Google Hangout, if you need help. 

We also ask for your patience and understanding as we travel this new territory, too. Our teachers and other employees are working long hours from home while dealing with their new, but temporary, normal. This is a time for our teachers to explore the technology, to build their capacity in the tools and to learn more on best practices around Distant Learning. Please know that we are learning as a team and right now it might not look exactly the same in each classroom.   

Google Login for students

How to Log In Student Google Account- English

How to Log In Student Google Account- Spanish



In closing, we wish you and your family the very best.  Please follow the CDC guidelines using social distancing and hygiene protocol. Remember, life will get back to normal eventually, but hopefully, after this experience is over, our lives will include more appreciation of our blessings and our freedoms. 


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Screen Time

As we begin Spring Break coming up in April- students will have a lot more unstructured time since there will be no Distant Learning expectations. Some might have access to tv, tablets, video games, and phones. I wanted to share an article about kids and screen time to ensure our students are practicing “best practices.”

Do not feel pressured to introduce technology early. Media interfaces are intuitive and children can learn quickly.
Monitor children's media. For example, know what apps are used or downloaded. Test apps before your child uses them, play together, and ask your child what he or she thinks about the app.
Turn off TVs and other devices when not in use. Background media can distract from parent-child interaction and child play, which are both very important in child language and social-emotional development.
Keep bedrooms, mealtimes, and parent-child playtimes screen free and unplugged for children and parents. Turn off phones or set to "do not disturb" during these times.
Avoid exposure to devices or screens 1 hour before bedtime. Remove devices from bedrooms before bed.
Avoid using media as the only way to calm your children. Although media may be used to soothe children, such as during a medical procedure or airplane flight, using media as a strategy to calm could lead to problems with a child's own ability with limit setting and managing emotions. Ask your child's doctor for help if needed.
Develop a Family Media Use plan for you and your family.  
Remember that your opinion counts. TV, video-game, and other media producers, and sponsors pay attention to the views of the public. Let a TV station know if you like a program, or contact video game companies if the content is too violent. For more information, visit the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website. 
Encourage your school and community to advocate for better media programs and for healthier habits. For example, organize a "Screen-Free Week" in your town with other parents, teachers, and neighbors.
Here is a Family Agreement on using Media Contract if you would like to use with your children at home:


This month’s LIFESKILLS are Problem Solving, Initiative, Responsibility, Common Sense. 

Responsibility- to respond when appropriate, to be accountable for one’s actions

“The time is always right to do what is right.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. 


Please continue to use B.E.A.R. reading at home, stay healthy, keep social distance, and enjoy some quality family time. 


Amy Snow


Resources- some of the wording was taken from this article: