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Principal's Weekly Letter

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Dear Beresford Families!


It has been a very sad week in the news - I realize that events in the news can cause anxiety in children and adults. I searched the internet for some tips on how to talk to children about tragedies. Here are some tips I learned from Psychology Today:


●       Don't allow young children to watch the news. Watching news footage can be very disturbing to young children so it’s important to keep it off when they’re around. If a story comes on while your child is in the room calmly say, “I don’t think this is something we should watch right now,” and turn the station. If you panic, you may increase your child’s anxiety.

●       Keep your message simple. Say something like, "A bad person decided to hurt other people." For young children, this may be all the information they need. Older children are likely to ask more questions. It’s OK to say you don’t know all the answers.

●       Focus on the steps that are being taken to keep people safe. Talk about how police officers, government officials, and other first responders are helping. Spend more time talking about the good work people are doing, rather than the horrific event. This can help reduce your child's anxiety about safety.

●       Point out the good things everyday citizens are doing. Talk about how nice people are helping families who had a loved one who got hurt. Look for specific ways people are pitching in to help one another. This can show your child that the majority of people want to treat others with kindness and not hurt them.

●       Empower your kids to become helpers. Discuss how they can take positive action in the wake of a tragic event. Writing a thank you note to a police officer or donating allowance money can go a long way toward helping kids see that they can always take steps to make the world a little better. Kids who feel like they have a little bit of control are less likely to feel helpless in the wake of a tragic event.

You can find the full article here: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/what-mentally-strong-people-dont-do/201710/how-talk-kids-about-the-las-vegas-shooting


Review of the Week and Thank You’s

Thank you to the PTA for bringing Soul Shoppe to Beresford! It was an awesome presentation for the kids and adults at night. Please ask your student what they learned about how to “empty their balloon” and how they can offer help to others.


We sold approximately 397 books at the Book Fair, which is more than 1 book per student!  Thank you again to all the volunteers who helped put it on, in particular, Lauri Bowser, Tara Nightengale, Theresa Hackett, Wendy Cohen and Jennifer Kirkorian – we truly appreciate your help!



Soul Shoppe fits with our LIFESKILLS, teaching students to stop the teasing, stop the put downs, and stop the excluding of people. It encourages students to use LIFESKILLS and be a friend, listen to each other, support each other and be kind.


Check out these websites for more information, ideas and videos to encourage being kind: http://www.soulshoppe.com/why/resources/websites-for-children-parents/


This week’s reminders are:


            -           NO SCHOOL DAY – Friday, October 6th – Teacher Professional

Development Day

            -           FALL INTERSESSION – October 9th – 20th – school resumes on Monday,

                        October 23rd

            -           Beresford 5th grade fundraising night at Celia’s Mexican Restaurant on

                        Tuesday, October 24th

            -           4th Annual Family Fun Ride & Bike Rodeo at Meadow Heights – 10/14/17

            -           Fire Prevention Week – October 7th – 14th


Enjoy your break!


Mrs. Snow




Principal's Weekly Letter