Principal's Weekly Letter

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 July 2018

Dear Beresford Families,

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer! School will be back in session soon, but I hope everyone is able to soak in some final summer moments doing what they love. I was able to spend quality time with friends and family. My four year old, Alfie, and I went to Grosse Pointe, Michigan, to visit my parents and brothers’ families. We spent most the time at the local pool and showing Alfie all of my hometown favorite places. It was fun to show him my old elementary school. Then we traveled to London with my husband, Corey. I enjoyed days seeing the sights, eating Cadbury chocolate and visiting all of the free museums. I’m enthusiastic about another year at Beresford and ready to welcome back all the students!

Beresford is a very special school. I anticipate a fantastic year as we support the academic, social, and emotional growth of your children. We put our students first and provide them with many opportunities for success. As you know, my door is always open and I welcome your input. Please feel free to stop in or call to make an appointment to discuss any concerns, suggestions, or ideas to help make our school even better.

This school year we have many staffing changes.

  • Administrative Assistant: We will have a new Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Pagadala. She moved her from Nevada and has worked with children in a pediatric dental office. She is also bilingual in Spanish.
  • FIRST GRADE: Ms. Khoury will be teaching first grade. She is a San Mateo native. She completed her masters in teaching at University of California Santa Barbara. She completed her undergraduate degree at UCLA where she studied Dance and Developmental Psychology.
  • SECOND GRADE: Ms. Christianson will be teaching second grade. She is moving from Temecula, CA to be in the Bay Area. She has been teaching in Charter School and also taught a year in Costa Rica.
  • FOURTH GRADE: Ms. Long will be teaching fourth grade. She is coming from Ravenswood school district and has been teaching third and fourth grade. This will be her fourth year teaching.

School Schedule

The first day of school is Tuesday, August 14th. It is a full day !


*Please have all students line up with their classes each morning. This allows all students to be prepared for their school day. Students might need reminders to line up on their classroom number and not play on the equipment. Thank you for your help with this. I also want to remind you that there is no one on duty until 8:10am, so please stay with your child at the line until that time.


 Class Lists and Opening Night

Class lists will be posted at Opening Night from 4:00-6:30 p.m. on Monday, August 13th. Class lists are posted on the bulletin boards in the LGI. Please plan to spend 15-20 minutes in the LGI catching up with friends and enjoying PTA’s Opening Night. Bring your wallet as you will have the chance to order yearbooks, purchase Beresford shirts and sweatshirts, and make your donation to the PTA. We take cash, checks, and credit cards. This is also a great opportunity to find out more about how the PTA supports our school and how you can be involved in all our many exciting events at Beresford.

Opening Night is also “Back To School Night” for Kindergarten classes only, Rooms 1 & 2.  You and your child will be able to meet the teachers from 4:30 – 5:00 and from 5:00 – 5:30, will be a meeting between parents and teachers only.  Child care will be available for your child on the Kindergarten playground during this meeting.

Class Assignments

Thoughtful consideration has been given to every child’s placement. Many variables are considered in assigning students and we have worked hard to ensure proper placement of each student. If you have concerns, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with me, so we can talk about them.

First Day Breakfast

Our PTA will host a parent breakfast on Tuesday, August 14th, the first day of school, at 8:25 a.m. in the LGI. It is the perfect opportunity to catch up with other parents. There will be a special area designated for new Kindergarten parents. I hope you will consider being an active participant in the activities and committees that are sponsored by the parent organizations at the school. Beresford is successful in large part because of the amazing support of our parents and PTA.



It is very important that your child be present for the first days of school. Enrollment at Beresford continues to increase and we currently have a waiting list in most grade levels. Our school district policy requires us to drop students from our enrollment on the third day of school if the child has not been present and we have not heard from the parents about why the child is absent. In this case, there is no guarantee that the child will be able to re-enroll at Beresford and s/he may be assigned to another school. If you want your child to attend Beresford, but you will be gone the first day of school, please call the office ASAP to set up an appointment with me.    

School Lunch

School lunches may be ordered on the first day of school and are available every day. Lunch may be purchased for $2.50 and milk may be purchased for 50 cents. Please remember that we have in place the Alternate Meal Policy. If a student owes more than $7.50 (3 lunches) s/he will not be able to purchase a full lunch. Instead, an alternate meal (a snack) will be offered for 75 cents until the bill is paid. If you have a negative balance from last year, please pay it before the new school year starts. An easy way to pay in advance is to place money in your child’s account at

First Day Packet

On the first day of school you will receive a very important packet of information with forms to complete and return to school. Please take the time to do this and return the packet Friday, August 24th. This year, we hope even more families will opt to go green and bypass the Thursday folder flyers. Look for more information in the first day packet.

Supply Lists

Below is the list of supplies that your child’s teacher is requesting. You may bring your supplies to the LGI to Opening Night on Monday, August 13th from 4:00 -6:30pm or to the classroom on the first day of school. Thank you in advance for your support!


Classroom Supply List—each child needs everything on this list

     Ticonderoga Beginner Pencils, with erasers (12 pack)
     3 tubs baby wipes (scented preferred)
     1 box of Kleenex
     1 box Crayola colored pencils (12 colors per box)
     1 box of Crayola thick washable markers    
Classroom Wish List—each classroom would benefit from these donations

      1 box gallon-size Ziploc bags        
      AAA batteries                                
      D batteries
      Sidewalk Chalk
      2 rolls of paper towels
      2 reams of 20 lb. copy paper
      2 rolls of painter’s tape or masking tape

First Grade

Classroom Supply List—each child needs everything on this list

·         2 boxes of Ticonderoga #2 pencils

·         20 glue sticks

·         1 box of Crayola crayons (24 pack)

·         1 box Crayola washable Classic Color Broad Line markers (8 colors per box)

·         1 box of soft Kleenex tissue

·         2 packs of magic rub erasers

Classroom Wish List—each classroom would benefit from these donations

·         1 box of gallon-size Ziploc bags

·         1 box sandwich-size Ziploc bags

·         1 box quart size Ziploc bags

·         Tissue paper

·         1 ream of 20lb. copy paper

·         Sharpies (all colors, especially black)

·         Paper towels

·        1 pack of baby wipes

 Second Grade

Classroom Supply List—each child needs everything on this list

·         8 glue sticks

·         2 spiral notebooks in blue or red only

·         1 box Crayola Thick Color Markers (assorted colors)

·         2 boxes of Ticonderoga #2 pencils

·         4 regular size boxes of Kleenex tissue

·         Variety pack Thick EXPO Markers (for white boards)

·         1 box Crayola Colored Pencils (24 pack)

·         2 rolls of paper towels

·         1 tub of baby wipes

·         24 pack of Crayola crayons


Classroom Wish List—each classroom would benefit from these donations

·         2 black sharpies

·         2 reams of white copy paper

·         2 boxes gallon size Ziploc bags

·         1 roll paper towels

·         Assorted pack of colored copy paper

·         D batteries

·         AA batteries

·         AAA batteries

Third Grade

Classroom Supply List—each child needs everything on this list

·         3 boxes  of Ticonderoga #2 Pencils

·         1 pack of wide-ruled binder paper

·         2 rolls of scotch tape

·         2 thick sharpies (black)

·         1 ream of white copy paper

·         1 pink beveled eraser

·         1 pack of 3x3 Post-It notes

·         1 plastic 12-inch ruler

·         10 ELMER’S glue sticks

·         1 box of Crayola crayons (24 pack)

·         1 pack Crayola colored pencils

Classroom Wish List—each classroom would benefit from these donations

·         1 pack of Crayola markers (thick) classic colors

·         1 pack of Crayola markers (thick) assorted colors

·         1 pack Crayola markers (thin)

·         8 ½ x 11 Paper – Watercolors

·         Expo White Board Markers (Variety Pack)

·         Thick Sharpies (Variety of colors)

·         1 roll of paper towels

·         1 box of Kleenex tissues

·         1 box of quart-size Ziploc bags

·         1 box of gallon-size Ziploc bags

·         AA batteries

·         AAA batteries

·         D batteries

·         Copy paper

Diaper wipes

Fourth and Fifth Grades

Classroom Supply List—each child needs everything on this list

2 Magic Rub erasers
1 package of binder paper college ruled
2 reams of white photocopy paper
4 boxes  of Ticonderoga #2 Pencils sharpened
6 packs of 3x3 post-its
3 Highlighters (any color)
3 glue sticks
1 Finepoint black sharpie
One pack thin black expo dry erase markers (for student use)
One pack Expo dry erase markers (for whiteboard)
Blue & Red Spiral Notebook – College Ruled
2 boxes of Kleenex

Classroom Wish List—each classroom would benefit from these donations

Crayola colored pencils
24 pack of Crayola Crayons
1 box of green pens
1 box of purple pens
Elmer’s white glue
1 pair of Fiskar school scissors (the smaller ones)
Crayola classic thin markers-8 pack
Crayola classic thick markers-8 pack
Colored sharpie markers
Black sharpie markers
1 box of gallon-sized Ziploc bags
Baby wipes
AA batteries
AAA batteries
D batteries
1 package of paper towels

We are looking forward to a spectacular 2018-2019 school year!


Warm Regards,


Amy Snow