Principal's Weekly Letter

Principal's Weekly Letter


 February 14, 2019

Dear Beresford Families,

 I hope all the families and students enjoyed I LOVE Reading day. Thank you to all the families that were were able to attend!

 We hope you continue the love of books and reading every night and monitor, support and encourage your student to complete their reading logs every night.


Thank You’s

Thank you to Roxanna Regadillo for updating our 28th Avenue marque every month! You might see her do it early in the cold mornings. We are so grateful you are posting our Beresford news for all families to stay updated!

 NEW Little Library

Thank you to Lisa Moir with suggesting the Little Library idea. Thank you to  Ms. Dickinson and her father for making it for Beresford! It is now in front of the LGI and is open for anyone to donate used books they want to clean out of their house and for anyone to take books to read. People do not need to return the books they take- we want to encourage all families to have “books in every nook!”- Dr. Suess.

 PTA Update

The Beresford Auction will begin on March 20th. We are still in need of items for the auction. If your family would like to donate a Beary Special item or any other items please contact Joelle Yee at:

 Link to Learning

How can adults monitor, support and encourage students to read at home? Here are some suggestions:



  • Be present at school. ...
  • Get to know your child's teacher. ...
  • Express your interest at home. ...
  • Inspect the backpack. ...
  • Establish a homework routine. ...
  • Get organized. ...
  • Know the grades. ...
  • Network with other parents.


  • Talk to your kids (a lot). ...
  • Read to your kids. ...
  • Have them tell you a “story.” ...
  • Teach phonemic awareness. ...
  • Teach phonics (letter names and their sounds). ...
  • Listen to your child read.


  • Create a reading area.
  • Encourage reading at home and everywhere in between.
  • Set an example.
  • Make connections between reading and real life.
  • Keep reading materials in the house.
  • Visit your local library.
  • Talk about what your child is reading.


This month’s LIFESKILLS are courage, integrity, and pride.

 Courage means- to act according to one’s beliefs despite fear of adverse consequences.
“All our dreams can come true…if we have the courage to pursue them.”
– Walt Disney


Books that encourage kids to use courage:

 TV Shows that promote courage:


This week’s reminders are: 

  •  Literacy Week - February 25- March 1: List of each day’s events
  • NO SCHOOL-Monday, February 18- Presidents’ Day Holiday
  • PTA/Literacy Night/Book Fair-February 21 @ 6:00-7:30pm

Have a great week continuing to use B.E.A.R. reading at home and at school

 Amy Snow