Principal's Weekly Letter

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Dear Beresford Families,


I know it is getting chilly these days! Please make sure the students’ last names are on the inside of their jackets and sweatshirts so we can return them to the rightful owner. We have a HUGE lost and found pile- if you are missing any sweatshirts or jackets, please feel free to look in the lost and found in the LGI.


Our Literacy Week begins next week, Monday, February 26- Friday, March 2. We are asking ALL families to join us on Wednesday, February 28th, 8:30-8:45 in the LGI with Mrs. Snow to talk about Beresford Bears Everyday Actively Read (B.E.A.R.) and the school wide reading logs. Then you are invited into the classrooms from 8:45-9:15 to try out reading strategies with your student.


Literacy Week Events

●       26 – Kick Off Assembly - in the LGI for Monday Morning Message

●       27 – Guest Reader Day – Everyone Reads in our Community!

●       28 – Family Day –

○        8:30-8:45 in the LGI with Mrs. Snow

○        8:45-9:15 Parents & Guardians Can Teach Kids to Read!

●       1 -Decorate Your Doors – Display How Your Book Celebrates Diversity

●       2 -PJ Day – Dr. Seuss Birthday Door Decorating Contest


PTA Update

Fun Run

We are asking families and local small businesses to sponsor the t-shirts to help offset the costs and allow us to gift every student with one. Sponsors who donate $50 or more will have their names appear on the back of the t-shirt. Payment can be made online at or there are paper forms available in the office.


Together We Achieve More!


San Mateo Foster City Education Foundation- Read-A-Thon

Read-a-Thon Begins February 26!

The San Mateo-Foster City Education Foundation is pleased to announce a district-wide Read-a-Thon, from February 26 – March 9. A parent letter went home last week, and this week you should receive a flyer with your student's secret code to activate their Read-a-thon page.

Please take a moment to read the letter and set up your student's personal reading page at There is a free prize just for activating their account!

After our kick-off on Monday, February 26, encourage your student to read and set their online timer. Please send sponsor requests via text, email and Facebook (all optional) to family and close friends. Donations are easy to complete online. Students earn 15% back from donations as “RAT Bucks” that they can use to purchase prizes in the Read-a-thon web store. The Education Foundation earns 75% of all online donations (Read-a-thon takes 10% for administration and payment processing). Donors who would rather contribute directly to the Ed Foundation may do so at

All proceeds from the Read-a-Thon will go toward TK-5th grade music instruction across our school district.  Thank you very much for your support!



This month’s LIFESKILLS are courage, integrity, and pride.


●     Integrity means- to act according to a sense of what’s right and wrong

●     “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.”
– Bob Marley 
Ways to teach integrity:


Here is an excerpt from the article:


1.         Invent scenarios that encourage children to think about their choices. It’s important as parents to give our children a non-judgmental space in which to share their responses. More than anything else, you want their honest answers. It isn't a test; It’s more of an exploration into integrity, into learning what the right thing is and how to actually do it, especially when there is peer pressure involved. And certainly not every choice they make will be popular with everyone. Let your kids know that it’s not about what other people think.

“What would you do if…”

…you saw your best friend stealing a scarf from the teacher’s desk?

…you noticed that your grandmother dropped a $20 bill the same day you wanted to buy a popular new video game?

…you saw the last piece of chocolate cake in the fridge but knew your sister was hoping to have it for dessert?

…you jokingly said something at recess and later heard it repeated as a rumor?

…you witnessed a classmate being bullied in the hallway at school?


2.         Help children empathize. Ask themselves a few more questions like “How does my decision affect others? Am I considering other people’s feelings? Can I imagine myself in someone else’s shoes?” This is where children can rely on empathy. If they can identify with the person who would be most hurt in a situation, like the teacher whose scarf was stolen, they can find the most ethical choice.

This week’s reminders are:

●       Literacy Week schedule

●       Fun Run Information and Sponsor Sheets

●       Don’t forget to order your Yearbook!

●       Information on the San Mateo Public Library Read Aloud Program



Have a great week continuing to use B.E.A.R. reading at home and at school,


Amy Snow