Principal's Message

Principal's Message


I am Amy Snow, your principal. I am excited about the upcoming school year! A little about myself, I am originally from Michigan, though I’ve lived in the great state of California for 16 years. I graduated from Eastern Michigan University, where I earned my teaching degree. After college, I was in the Japanese Exchange Teacher (JET) program and lived in Shizuoka, Japan for two years, where I taught English in a public high school. After Japan, I taught in the San Diego Unified School District for six years at a middle school as the English Language Development teacher. I earned my Masters Degree in teaching English Language at San Diego State University. Then, I moved to San Francisco and began teaching at Abbott Middle School as the Newcomer program teacher. Then I moved into a district role as the Teacher on Special Assignment for English Language Arts.  I was hired as the principal of Beresford in 2016. I live in San Francisco with my husband, Corey, my son, Alfie, and my boston terrier/pug mixed dog, Mingus. 


At Beresford, all of our staff members aim to create a safe, caring and supportive environment for all students to be successful and happy. We strive to ensure all students are academically achieving and reaching their personal best.  Beresford is a “Paws”itive safe community where everyone LIVES The LIFESKILLS, EMBRACES Diversity and change, STRIVES to dream, believe, and achieve all of our goals.


We hold all students to the California Common Core State Standards and strive to increase academic achievement for all students. Our dedicated teaching staff work hard to ensure that all students are learning and becoming critical thinkers, readers, and writers every day. Lessons are thoughtfully planned and differentiated for the different learners in the classroom. This year we are implementing a new English Language Arts/English Language Development program, Benchmark Advance. We will be continuing with our new reading assessment, Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark, our math curriculum, enVision, and begin to incorporate the Next Generation Science Standards.Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark, our math curriculum, enVision, and begin to incorporate the Next Generation Science Standards.


Beresford is a school focused on HET (Highly Effective Teaching).  A major component of this philosophy is teaching the LIFESKILLS. They provide the basis for three important functions of a body-brain-compatible learning environment:
1. LIFESKILLS are the agreed-upon behaviors for all;  
2. They provide a safe environment for creating and maintaining a sense of community; 
3. They describe the behaviors that are the foundation for citizenship. 


Beresford School Motto
Be Respectful: Use the LIFESKILLS and lifelong guidelines to work with other students and all adult staff members.
Be Responsible: Take care of your things and take care of those things which we share.
Be Ready to do Your Best: Be prepared to work everyday.

Once a staff member witnesses a student practicing the motto they receive a “Paws”itive High Five. The students enter their High Fives into a raffle and two students per grade will be chosen every Friday. They will be recognized on stage at the Monday Morning Message and  receive a prize.

School wide rules and procedures

  1. Attend school daily and come on time.
  2. The school dress code must be followed. Wear appropriate school clothes and shoes.
  3. Be prepared to work everyday.  Remember we ask that you always do your personal best!
  4. Do your homework and read your independent books nightly.
  5. Leave all toys, including electronic ones, at home.
  6. Cell phones must remain off and in your backpack during school hours.
  7. Use your LIFESKILLS and lifelong guidelines to problem solve and learn to disagree without being disagreeable: Walk, Talk or use an Emergency Plan.

Reflection Sheets
The purpose of the LIFESKILLS sheet is for students to reflect on the situation that happened, think about how they could have used one of the LIFESKILLS and make positive choices. If your student comes home with a reflection sheet it is a time for conversation and listening to your student.
Some questions you could ask your student are:
What is one thing you would like to improve on?
What's one goal you would like to set for yourself for next time? 
What would you like to spend more time on in school? 


Children cannot benefit from the educational experiences we provide if they are not in school. Please bring your child to school on time everyday. Do your best to schedule appointments before and after school and vacations during our breaks. If your child is ill, please keep them home. If your child will be absent please call our school number 650-313-7551 and dial 3 to leave your child’s name and reason for absence.


Safety of all the students is our number one priority. We want to ensure your children are safe and well cared for at Beresford. Supervision begins at 8:10am on the lower playground, please stay with your children until that time. Our gates are closed and locked at 8:25 and will reopen at 2:45 for dismissal. After school please make certain your child knows where your pick up or meeting spot is. Parents picking up primary children at 2:45 are asked to wait for them in the garden area and wait at the picnic tables if you are picking up older siblings. No children are allowed to wait for older siblings without adult supervision. We still have PE classes and afterschool programs going on the playground and blacktop area.


Recess should be fun, energetic, safe, and inclusive of all students and abilities. We are working on providing structured play opportunities for all students at recess. We ask that no students are on the play structure before school since there is no adult supervision and after school since Annex uses the playground.


On Monday mornings, all students will line up according to their classroom number in the Large Group Instruction (LGI) room near the front office. We gather together as a school to recognize the “Paws”itive High Five winners, see the week’s events, and focus around the LIFESKILLS of the month. Please stay with your child for the message and encourage your students to use the LIFESKILLS sentence during the week.


We all want the best for our school and our students. Please help support us by getting involved. Communication is key to understanding, between home and school and between families. We are always open to hearing your concerns and ideas. Please join the PTA, come to our PTA meetings and parent education meetings. We also have English Language Advisory Committee that meets four times a year. Please be our partner in creating the best educational experience for all of our students and community.