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LIFESKILLS of the Month

LIFESKILLS of the Month

September, 2016

Dear Beresford Families,

September’s LIFESKILLS are Effort and Perseverance. These LIFESKILLS go hand in hand when we talk about students working towards their Personal Best at school and at home. Please take some time to read the descriptions of each LIFESKILL and learn about ways you can support your child’s learning at home.

Effort is to do your best. Effort is both mental and physical. It can be shown individually and/or as a group. You use effort when you play sports and you use effort when you do your schoolwork. Using effort is crucial to our success and our self-esteem. A sense of satisfaction and pride springs from deep within when we give our best and strongest effort to complete task. Such accomplishments are self-perpetuating: the more successful our efforts, the more we want to try. Using effort is vital to helping us work through hard times and difficult situations.

Effort at School:

·        Volunteer for classroom jobs

·        Finish classwork in a timely manner

·        Maintain a positive attitude toward learning and school

·        Always try to do your personal best on your classwork

·        Make up any work you missed when absent

Effort at Home:

·        Keep practicing a sport to improve your skill level

·        Volunteer to do chores at home

·        Always try to do your personal best on your homework

·        Be the best you can be by putting effort in all that you do!

Effort in Action:

Here are some examples of how students have used the LIFESKILL of Effort in their lives:

1.      “When I took a math test it was really hard for me but I tried using my best effort and I did really well.”

2.      “I put effort into doing my homework every day.”

3.      “I always put my best effort into my work and it makes me feel proud.”

Literature Links:

Brave Irene (Willian Steig)

Alejandro’s Gift (Richard E. Albert)

100th Day Worries (Margery Cuyler)


Perseverance is the initial effort put forth by a person in conquering a challenge.  The ability to stick with something, even after it gets hard, results in the most successful experiences in life. People can rely on those who use the LIFESKILL of Perseverance, because they know the task or project will get done.

Perseverance at school:

·        Stick to a project from beginning to end

·        Prewrite, write, and rewrite a story until satisfied with the results

·        Learn to spell complicated words correctly

·        Think back to the previous lessons learned and use that knowledge to solve current problems

Perseverance at home:

·        Learn how to ride a bicycle

·        Practice ice skating around a rink without holding the rail

·        Finish a jigsaw puzzle

·        Learn how to zip, tie, button, and Velcro any clothing that you wear to school

·        Keep trying when homework, playing a sport, or playing a musical instrument is difficult

Character Building Quotes:

1.     “The climb is tough, but the view is worth the effort” – Anonymous

2.     “We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough” – Helen Keller

Literature Links:

The Little Engine that Could (Watty Piper)

Island of the Blue Dolphins (Scott O’Dell)

I Knew You Could (Craig Dorfman)

Miss Rumphius (Barbara Cooney)

Mrs. Snow